Bandish Projekt
Bandish Projekt

Name: Mayur Narvekar
Location : Pune (Maharashtra) India
Gender : Male
Genre : Electro

Description : BANDISH PROJEKT resonates the musicality of Mayur Narvekar, a Composer, Producer, Dj, Remixer, Performer and a multi-instrumentalist.’ Bandish’ in its Indian classical connotation means “composition”, while Projekt reflects its innate extermination. Like a creeper and a tree, the music is the symbiotic conjoining of the sounds folk music fused with electronic or classical Indian ragas entwined into different sound . BANDISH PROJEKT fused melodies of yore with IDM (Intelligent dance music).Conjuring music since 1997, BANDISH PROJEKT remained an entity under Mayur Narvekar since 2007 and 2009 marked the year when BANDISH PROJEKT released its new album ‘CORREKT’ and collaborated with the urbane performer to add new dimensions to its promising musical compendium. It went onto releasing “BROWN SKIN BEAUTY “, a new single from Bandish Projekt feat. Last Mango In Paris both on Bheja fry Records.From the echo of festivals across India into the li