DJ Shadow Dubai
DJ Shadow Dubai

Name: Satheerth Kunneth
Location : Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Gender : Male
Genre : Bollywood Commercial,House,Hip Hop

Description : DJ Shadow Dubai is a multiple award winning superstar Bollywood DJ; and has officially produced for Sean Paul, Badshah, Bohemia and More. Awarded the Best Asian DJ in Masala Awards 2015/2012/2012; World Top DJs 2016/2015/2013/2012/2011; Ahlan Awards 2014/2013. DJ Shadow Dubai's last single Move Your Body is yet another feather in his cap. Being one of the biggest and the most unique collaboration, the single boasts names like Sean Paul and Badshah. The success of the single in the Asian market has reinstated DJ Shadows' numero uno position as a musician. The single is slated to hit the Global market in the latter of 2017, followed by 'Aaja Ni Aaja' - a much-awaited single with Bohemia. Having a sharp ear for music, DJ Shadow Dubai has always wanted to grow as an artist and has now stepped into the shoes of a music producer with tracks for Sean Paul, Badshah, Bohemia, Juggy D, Deep Money and Falak Shabir. His remixes has become popular worldwide and has collaborated on officia